Company Overview

Established in 1976, Heliodyne is a leading U.S. manufacturer of solar water heating equipment.

Heliodynes offices and manufacturing plant are located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. They manufacture and assemble a variety of solar water heating products. Heliodyne encompasses not only flat plate collectors, but heat transfer appliances as well. All of the collectors and heat transfer appliances are SRCC certified, ensuring that their products are built to the highest standards.

Product Overview

A solar hot water system is really quite simple. You’re using the sun’s energy to heat a solar collector full of solar fluid (or water, depending on which type of system you install), which then transfers that heat (or hot water) into your home’s hot water tank.

River Vine will be using three south-facing GOBI solar flat-plate collectors that will be roof-mounted above the garage mechanical room to collect heat from the sun.

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