ASC Steel Deck

Company Overview

ASC Steel Deck is an innovative leading manufacturer in the structural steel roof and floor deck market throughout the Western United States.

AEP Span

AEP Span is a leading manufacturer of architectural metal wall and roof panels throughout the Western United States. With a full-line of performance rated structural roof and siding, AEP Span provides the architectural community uncompromised design flexibility for new construction and re-roofing applications.

Product Overview

AEP Span offers a robust product line of concealed and through-fastened standing seam roof and wall systems that fit a variety of building solutions. All of our through-fastened profiles are offered in multiple gauges of steel substrate, and come in wide lengths spanning up to 36 inches, practical for high performance and low costs. ASC Steel delivers a full line of structural floor and roof deck that has been fully tested for commercial construction.

How It Works

Structural floor decking.

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