Spotlight on ASC Steel Deck/AEP Span

We’re going to be spotlighting each of our River Vine Project Partners here on our blog. First in the spotlight is ASC Steel Deck/AEP Span, a leading manufacturer of structural steel floor and roof deck.

Metal is one of the most eco-friendly building materials, so we knew we wanted to go with recycled steel structural components for River Vine and are excited to partner with ASC Steel Deck/AEP Span as our supplier of choice for high performance steel floor and roof deck. An industry leader since 1971, ASC Steel Deck/AEP Span is a reputable, quality-focused company committed to innovative product design and testing. The company’s steel floor and roof decking is performance rated, engineered for structural soundness across a wide range of design applications. Fully tested for commercial construction, the composite steel decking offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, providing excellent strength and stability at significant cost efficiencies—both upfront and over River Vine’s life-cycle.

“River Vine’s steel deck assemblies are similar to those we’ve installed with great success in our Gen7 classrooms. ASC Steel Deck and AEP Span products are reliable, conforming to the highest green building and structural standards, and durable, proven to maintain consistently superior quality over time, in all weather conditions. We appreciate the company’s innovative spirit and know that its high performance steel decking will make River Vine a safer, more sustainable and more progressive building.”

Tony Sarich

Co-founder, AMS/Gen7 Schools


For more information, visit the ASC Steel Deck/AEP Span Products page.