Integrated Energy Systems

River Vine's Integrated Engery Systems are designed to combine renewable energy solutions resulting in a Zero Net Energy prefabricated sustainable home.


Integrated Energy Systems combine the advantages of different renewable energy technologies to maximize performance and energy savings beyond what is attainable by each system working independently. Efficiently, reliably and economically collecting and distributing solar and geothermal energy allows River Vine Vineyards to achieve Zero Net Energy, reducing energy consumption, grid reliance and environmental impact while providing a healthy, comfortable and sustainable place to live.


Subterranean pipes will efficiently transfer thermal energy generated and stored in the earth between the ground and the house, naturally heating and cooling River Vine year-round.

PV Array

Sited to optimize solar energy collection, a 9kW photovoltaic system will generate a continuous supply of power—enough to heat, cool and satisfy 100% of River Vine’s electricity demand.

Solar Hot Water

A solar thermal system will use the sun’s energy to heat water faster and store and distribute water more efficiently, giving River Vine a continual domestic hot water supply.

Home Automation

Total connectivity will allow seamless control of all River Vine subsystems—climate, lighting, motorized window treatments, security, audio/visual and outdoor pool—from a single touchpoint.

Energy Management

An advanced energy management system will track energy production and consumption in real-time, allowing the homeowners to optimize River Vine’s performance to achieve energy goals.

Radiant Heating and Cooling

River Vine’s radiant flooring system will provide multi-zone climate control, evenly dispersing warmed and cooled air through hydronic radiant tubing loops embedded in the concrete floor.

Home Battery Energy Storage

The home battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for home use. It will store electricity generated by the PV array for domestic consumption, load shifting, and backup power.

Natural Ventilation

Dual-filtration ventilation will circulate fresh air throughout River Vine, ensuring superior air quality by cycling interior pollutants out of the home and purifying the outdoor air brought inside.