Home Automation

Why We’re Using It

An automated home brings around-the-clock convenience, comfort and control to today’s homeowner. Networking all systems, appliances and electronic devices allows continual monitoring and control of everything in the home at the touch of a button… or with a simple voice command.

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) allows modern, state-of-the-art homes like River Vine Vineyards to have total connectivity, using wired or wireless protocols that route everything from TVs to thermostats through a central hub, interfaced through a single touchpoint. Lights can be turned on or off, front doors locked, garage doors closed, a security system activated locally or remotely, giving homeowners greater value, a greater sense of security and complete peace-of-mind.

How It Works

River Vine will be a fully automated smart home, with a customized, world-class home automation system that seamlessly connects hardware and software for optimal comfort and energy efficiency, management and control. While River Vine’s integrated systems and technology are complex and sophisticated, the vision for home automation is to simplify operation, unifying control of all of the home’s subsystems—climate, lighting, motorized window treatments, security, audio/visual and pool—from a wireless remote, smartphone or tablet.

River Vine’s home automation will enable continuous data exchange between connected devices and systems and an advanced Energy Management System (EMS). The EMS monitors energy production and usage in real-time and sends a notification when a system component is not performing within its expected range, allowing critical adjustments that track more closely with dynamic energy targets.

All automated controls in the home and vineyard are custom-designed and programmed to achieve optimization strategies set by the homeowner, Tony Sarich, who invested years perfecting the automated controls featured in Gen7 Schools. River Vine’s system takes automation to the next level, allowing Tony to live with, test and improve emerging technology in the environment where it is used.

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