PV Array

Why We’re Using It

The sun can radiate enough solar energy in an hour to cover one person’s energy consumption for a year. Solar power is clean, completely silent and virtually unlimited, available anywhere, any time the sun shines. Captured by solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, the sun’s energy can be converted to direct electricity to meet River Vine’s power demands responsibly and reliably, without harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

How It Works

River Vine’s solar array will work in conjunction with the home’s geothermal system and other energy-efficiency strategies to achieve Zero Net Energy (ZNE), generating enough renewable energy onsite to power both the residence and the vineyards all year long. The house will be sited to optimize solar energy collection, with the single-ply, cool (white) roof designed to support fixed-tilt solar panels orientated to face true south to capture the most sunlight.

The 9kW solar photovoltaic system will combine solar thermal collector panels and solar photovoltaic panels. To ensure a continuous supply of electric power, particularly during the night and on cloudy or rainy days, home storage batteries will provide backup energy, ensuring that River Vine is able to heat, cool and meet 100% of its electricity demand without interruption.

Project Partners