River Vine Vineyards is designed to be environmentally responsible, with every system and product carefully selected to provide a healthy, safe environment for residents, while contributing meaningfully to the home’s LEED performance.


Building materials will be sustainable and long-lasting, with low-VOC finishes to ensure superior Indoor Air Quality. Built to exceed a conventional building’s 50-year lifespan, River Vine will feature a high-recycled-steel frame and non-combustible construction, with durable floor and roof systems mirroring those found in high-rise construction. An airtight building envelope combined with high R-value insulation will make the home weather-, termite- and mold-resistant, with minimal maintenance required.

Integrating the latest energy-efficient products with advanced renewable energy systems will help River Vine achieve Zero Net Energy. Optimally oriented with walls of glazed glass, the residence will lower energy usage with extensive daylighting, optimized with LED lighting and automated climate control for thermal comfort. Energy Star appliances, smart home technology and low-flow plumbing and fixtures will maximize performance and resource conservation.