Soil Stabilization


GraniteCrete,Inc. is a start up company dedicated to sustainable building.  First developed in 1995, GraniteCrete was installed as a natural paving surface for residential gardens and entry ways in and around the upscale communities of Carmel and Pebble Beach, California.  GraniteCrete has since been used in sustainable construction and as a permeable pavement throughout California and Texas, and continues to expand into Southern United States.
With quality control and customer service at the forefront, our priorities are providing a permanent, permeable, and natural alternative to the paving industry for both residential and commercial applications.  We have developed innovative techniques unprecedented in the soil stabilization industry.
GraniteCrete works where others fail.

Product Overview

GraniteCrete has the look and feel of a crushed orgainic surface, but bears the near strength and erosion control of professionally installed concrete. GraniteCrete is manufactured using pre and post consumer recycled materials. Our pathways are porous, passing through over an inch of rain per hour, reducing or eliminating erosion runoff concerns. Use of GraniteCrete yields up to 13 points in three categories of the LEED rating system. GraniteCrete contains no oils, polymers, resins, or enzymes. GraniteCrete also comes in four organic colors and will have the capability to do custom colors in 2017.

How It Works

GraniteCrete will provide a permanent, permeable, and natural solution to the vineyards pathways and parking areas, contributing 13 LEED points toward Tony’s goal of LEED Platinum certification. And, will provide a stunning compliment to the surrounding architecture.

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