MechoShade Home Systems

MechoShade Home Systems, a division of MechoSystems is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of manual, motorized, and automated solar-shading systems. The company provides contemporary WindowManagement® solutions for today’s design challenges. It offers a wide range of shading systems, a range of control solutions, and various hardware configurations. Products are designed to meet the challenges of sustainability, effective daylighting, and energy efficiency.

Product Overview

The MechoShade Home Systems’ motorized roller shades will be automated to allow for protection from solar radiation and heat gain, provide for management of glare, while maintaining maximum exposure to view. The shades will move at incremental levels based on Sun intensity on each elevation and go full-up when no sun is directly on the façade, but still allow for control to lower shades as desired. The shadecloth is optimized for elevation and to match the interior décor. The custom specified shades meet the functional requirements of solar-shading effectively and at a reasonable cost.

How It Works

The unobtrusive and battery-less Wireless Daylight Sensor and Controller system utilizes a special integrated solar-powered photosensor to monitor light coming through the curtainwall and, via EnOcean® wireless RF communication technology, transmits data to a daylight controller to move roller shades in small offices and light commercial spaces effortlessly and incrementally.

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