Company Overview

FSB has grown from a manufacturer designing handles that are comfortable to the hand into a company that has taken our “hand culture” and extended the concept of linking architecture to people with all our products. Today we combine our levers and knobs with high quality locksets for swinging and sliding doors, door pulls for glass, wood and metal doors, hinges, bathroom accessories, and supporting hardware in matching styles and finishes. Taking our products made in Germany integrated with high quality locking devices for North American is a natural extension of our European heritage. Our products are an investment to achieve a look of class and distinction when the very best is required.

Product Overview

FSB Lever 1076, the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens (1886–1945) was the one who hit upon the idea of cutting a round tube in two and mitering the ends together again at a right angle. His creation is today known as the ‘Frankfurt model’. The handle was rediscovered when the architecture museum there was rebuilt and proceeded to take the market by storm.

How It Works

FSB Premium Series Lever 1076 and Sliding Door Hardware 4251, 4253 in satin stainless steel. Stainless steel is outstanding in its suitability for door and window hardware as its surface is extremely resistant to corrosion, it shows very little wear even in continuous use and due to the additional alloys of chrome and nickel, it requires very little care.

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