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DMI Companies make up the largest manufacturer of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system components in the world. The company is comprised of four specialized divisions including, Ductmate Industries, Aire Technologies, Greenseam Industries and Linx USA. Each division was born of innovative solutions with a diverse line of product families designed and engineered specifically for the commercial HVAC industry. For more than three decades, Ductmate Industries has been the most dominant, progressive and specified manufacturer in the industry and the Ductmate brand has become synonymous with quality, innovation and integrity.

Product Overview

Ductmate products are the industry standard when it comes to HVAC efficiency. Our strong and virtually leak-free rectangular duct connection system consists of DM 25 flanges, corner pieces, gasket, cleat, PROseal, PROflex and PolyArmor. These products were engineered to work in harmony to exceed industry standards for a quiet, efficient, and leak-free HVAC system. Since its inception in 1978, Ductmate’s core philosophy has always been to design and engineer self-sealing, value-added, sustainable products that reduce the energy consumption and operating costs, while improving the indoor air quality of HVAC systems.

How It Works

PolyArmor is a non fiberglass, no formaldehyde, no VOC polyester duct lining insulation material used to suppress noise and enhance thermal values to the HVAC system. PolyArmor has been used successfully in buildings and schools across the country. Critical duct sections will be connected using the Ductmate self-sealing 4 bolt system, which is unsurpassed in performance and most widely specified by engineering firms. All unsealed connections or duct penetration will be sealed with Proseal which is a premium grade, low VOC water based sealant. The ProFlex connector system is being utilized to reduce noise and vibration in the system.

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