Solatube International, Inc., widely recognized as the daylighting industry innovator, has earned worldwide acclaim for its unrivaled ability to transform interior spaces with natural light. Based in California, the company is the leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) for all types of residential and commercial applications, and it continues to innovate with groundbreaking products that increase energy efficiency and light output, such as the award-winning Smart LED System and the high output SkyVault Series.

Product Overview

Solatube Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture and deliver sunlight. Optical domes installed on the roof maximize light capture, minimize heat transfer, and reject harmful UV. Tubes are lined with proprietary Spectralight Infinity material, which reflects 99.7% of daylight, significantly more than any other provider.

Compared to traditional skylights, Solatube Systems transmit more diffused, glare-free daylight with reduced heat transfer. Because professional installation is guaranteed leak-free and can be completed in about two hours without structural changes, Solatube Systems are a simple and budget-friendly home improvement.

How It Works

To optimize efficiency as well as style River Vine is using (8) 21″ Solatube units in the garage and (17) 10″ units throughout the home. Solatubes can be installed almost anywhere, including tight spaces and areas without direct roof access which is ideal for this one-of-a-kind prefab home. Solatube allows River Vine to switch off electric lights during the day, which reduces energy bills and environmental pollution.