Solatube Daylighting Systems – Perfect for Prefab

For years, Solatube International has provided American Modular with systems that bring daylight in modular classrooms. When approached with the opportunity to partner on the River Vine projects, we jumped on it.

Especially with the increase in prefab homes, even higher end prefab, we want wanted to showcase how Solatube Daylighting Systems are ideal for this type of construction.

So why are Solatube Daylighting Systems so perfectly suited for prefab or modular buildings?

  • Solatube Systems have minimal impact on the structure or building envelope. The “modular unit” retains its structural integrity in transport and installation – more so than with traditional skylights, which requires framing, structural changes, and interior finishing.  They literally are like putting a big window in the roof.
  •  Solatube Systems can be completely installed during fabrication. With the low profile of the Solatube System dome, it’s not an issue in transit.
  • You can install on any roof type – metal, shingle, tile, flat, or steeply pitched.
  • Solatube Systems bring a bright, contemporary look typical of higher-end custom homes into modular buildings. Streaming daylight is an excellent way to showcase artwork or unique architectural features.
  • The Solatube Smart LED System reduces ceiling clutter and the number of light fixtures that need to be installed. During the day, it pipes in natural daylight. At night, it provides LED lighting from the same fixture.
  • Sunlight is better for task lighting – reading, food prep, showering, putting on make-up. Windows alone don’t always provide enough daylight.  Even with a wall of windows in a great room, for instance, a kitchen that’s located more to the interior requires task lighting even during the day. Two or three Solatube Systems over counter and prep space solve the problem.

Solatube International, the maker of Solatube products, has been the worldwide leader of tubular skylights (also known as tubular daylighting devices or TDDs) since it sold its first daylighting system in 1991. The company, which invented the tubular skylight, continues to innovate as it heads into its 25th Anniversary year. For more information:

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Kris Assel

Marketing Director, Solatube International, Inc.