Company Overview

For more than 40 years, Uponor has been the leader in PEX-based plumbing, fire safety, radiant heating and cooling, hydronic piping, pre-insulated piping and snow melting systems for single-family, multifamily and commercial structures around the globe. With 15 billion feet of PEX piping in service worldwide, Uponor systems provide solutions that conserve energy and water, reduce heating and cooling costs, support sustainable building practices and provide superior performance.

Product Overview

Uponor, formerly Wirsbo, was the first to bring radiant floor heating to North America more than 40 years ago. Today, Uponor is the leader in radiant heating and cooling for the residential and commercial sectors. Our proven system solutions provide greater energy efficiency and superior comfort with enhanced indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

How It Works

Uponor’s hydronic radiant heating and cooling system installed under the floors of the River Vine project provides the purest form of human comfort imaginable. Because the water in a hydronic radiant system has a capacity to transport energy 3,500 times greater than air, a hydronic radiant system offers a superior form of comfort that provides greater energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) compared to traditional forced-air HVAC systems.

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