Our Story

Built by American Modular Systems, River Vine will be one of the most advanced high-end prefabricated residences ever constructed.

When Tony Sarich designed his dream home in California Wine Country, he wanted it to be warm, comfortable, practical, filled with modern amenities and pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency. He also wanted it to be educational and inspirational, a one-of-a-kind concept house for what sustainable building—and living—can be.

As co-founder of California’s leading modular builder, American Modular Systems (AMS), Tony was in a unique position to bring his dream to life. Tony designed River Vine Vineyards to be both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically responsible, reflecting the natural beauty of its location while using its regenerative systems to enrich the surrounding environment. While functioning as a residence, River Vine will double as a living laboratory, allowing Tony to test emerging technology in an everyday home setting, then adapt and integrate this technology into future Gen7 classrooms.

Designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification, River Vine Vineyards will be one of Northern California’s most advanced homes and arguably the most complex, high-end prefabricated residence ever constructed. The 4,500-square-foot Zero Net Energy home will raise the bar for sustainable, prefabricated design and construction, integrating renewable energy systems, eco-friendly materials and leading-edge products in a timeless space that is livable, functional and energy-independent, producing enough energy to offset the home’s power usage and domestic hot water needs.

The one-story home was designed in harmony with the building site, which runs a half-mile along the Mokelumne River Watershed and overlooks a secluded 50-acre working vineyard in the heart of Lodi Wine Country. Like Gen7 classrooms, River Vine will be built using recycled, recyclable and renewable materials, ethically sourced and artfully mixed to reflect a warm, modern sensibility. Every design choice is responsible and serves a purpose. Banks of floor-to-ceiling windows will soar 15-feet-high, bathing rooms in natural light. Pocket patios and expansive terraces will connect indoors and out. An infinity pool will be edged with native drought-tolerant landscaping.

River Vine will be more than a home; it will be a showcase for sustainable living, a testament that luxury, comfort and convenience can be achieved with optimal energy performance and management, honoring the land without sacrificing amenities or style.