Our Process

River Vine Vineyards will be factory-built by AMS. Complex in scope, River Vine will be constructed from 20 modules that range from 10 feet to 16 feet in width, with a maximum length of 45 feet. The project will be completed in three phases over a 12-16-month period. The Design Phase is finished, with Fabrication and Construction in progress.

Fabrication will take place in Manteca, California at AMS’ state-of-the-art factory—the largest in the West. Two separate manufacturing facilities span nearly 40 acres, providing more than 300,000 square feet of enclosed space. Like all AMS structures, River Vine will be assembled on our factory floor, using sustainably sourced materials and a progressive precision manufacturing process that produces a superior quality building during even the most adverse weather conditions. Materials are stored inside AMS’ climate-controlled warehouses until needed, maintaining their integrity and eliminating the risk of mold, mildew and other contamination that could occur at the building site.

Our unique parallel construction process allows foundation and site work to be scheduled simultaneously with off-site fabrication.

When completed, the River Vine modules will be transported, fully-functional, to the building site on custom carriers. After each module is craned into place on the permanent concrete foundation, AMS’ highly skilled site teams will complete the installation and finish work.

Modular construction is inherently more sustainable and cost-effective than conventional construction, saving time, money and valuable resources. Precision manufacturing not only ensures cleaner construction and exceptional quality control, it minimizes waste. Leftover materials—which are minimal—are recycled at the factory, allowing AMS to divert 90% of construction waste from landfills. Our best practices approach delivers the greatest environmental and social benefits, allowing River Vine to capture the LEED Construction Waste Reduction Credits, while minimizing the building’s impact on local infrastructure and lowering its environmental footprint.