A Gen7 Concept Home Designed and Built by American Modular Systems.

River Vine's Zero Net Energy modern prefab home design integrates sustainable materials, smart home technology and renewable energy systems in the most advanced, high-end prefabricated residence.


A Gen7 Concept Home Designed and Built by American Modular Systems.
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“Our vision for River Vine Vineyards is not to position us as homebuilders, but to create an educational platform that will push the limits of sustainable building methods, systems, and products while elevating the perception of modular construction from the portables of the past to the high quality, high performance structures we build today… and are evolving for tomorrow.” — Tony Sarich Co-founder, AMS/Gen7 Schools
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Integrated Energy Systems combine the advantages of different renewable energy technologies to maximize performance and energy savings beyond what is attainable by each system working independently.
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Designed to achieve LEED® Platinum certification, River Vine Vineyards will be one of Northern California’s most advanced homes and arguably the most complex, high-end prefabricated residence ever constructed.
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River Vine Partners

Building The Future

River Vine is a one-of-a kind Gen7 Concept home, built by American Modular Systems and the River Vine Project Partners. It is designed to achieve LEED® Platinum certification and will be one of most advanced, high-end prefabricated residence ever constructed.
The Zero Net Energy home will raise the bar for sustainable, prefabricated design and construction, integrating renewable energy systems, eco-friendly materials and leading-edge products in a timeless space that is livable, functional and energy-independent.

Why it’s so unique

River Vine Vineyards is a complex home with a simple concept

To integrate the cleanest materials, the latest technology and the most sophisticated renewable energy systems in the smartest, most sustainable way possible. Powered by the sun and built from recycled materials and renewable resources, River Vine is an inspired use of interconnected elements—sun and earth, house and environment, people and process.

Zero Net

River Vine’s Zero Net Energy design includes several sophisticated energy systems combining; geothermal, solar hot water, radiant heating and cooling, solar and battery energy storage to produce 100% of the home’s energy demand.
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Smart Home Technology

River Vine Vineyard is fully automated, with top-of-the-line subsystems networked for seamless control. Climate, lighting, security, motorized window treatments, audio/visual and pool are all controlled from a central touchpad.
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LEED® Platinum Certification

LEED for Homes is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. River Vine Vineyards is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification—the highest level attainable.
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Innovative Project Partners

Great things happen when great companies work together. AMS, Gen7 Schools and our Project Partners are investing in the future, pioneering systems and technologies that will shape building design for future generations.
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This project is backed by AMS & Gen7

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American Modular Systems is California’s leading modular manufacturer, known nationwide for designing and building quality educational facilities. Since 1983, AMS has partnered with schools and school districts throughout California to deliver innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of early education, public and private pre-K-12, charter schools and higher education.
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In 2009, AMS created the Gen7 line of high performance classrooms—healthy, high quality, energy-efficient learning spaces that can be delivered quickly and affordably to schools in need. Gen7 classrooms provide the ideal 21st century learning environment, innovatively blending transformative technology with sustainable materials to encourage achievement at a higher level.