Spotlight on Structa Wire

Since 1995, Structa Wire has helped shape industry standards for lathing, plastering and masonry by researching and developing engineered stucco reinforcing products manufactured to exceptional quality control standards. Structa Wire improves the performance of stucco through innovative product design, offering a broad spectrum of welded wire products for a myriad of stucco reinforcing applications—all tested and approved as alternatives to woven wire and diamond metal lath sheet products.






Structa Wire’s proprietary products are engineered to perform in one-, two- and three-coat stucco systems, improving energy efficiency and durability while enhancing a building’s aesthetic beauty. The company’s heavy-duty self-furring Mega Lath product was the ideal solution for River Vine, providing extra strength and uniform plaster thickness for a smooth, even stucco scratch coat application. The patented cold-rolled technology produces flat wires that simplify attachment while increasing structural performance—resisting moisture and cracking over an extended lifecycle. Manufactured of recycled steel and applied to River Vine’s recycled steel frame, Mega Lath enables a three-coat stucco wall to meet increased thermal ratings, providing a high performing wall configuration that can achieve LEED accreditation.

“The strength of a stucco wall is only as good as the strength of its substrate. Structa Wire’s welded wire laths offer a more innovative method for applying stucco, creating a higher performing, longer lasting wall cladding. A rolled product like Mega Lath is easier to apply than sheet, saving us time and labor during construction while ensuring the integrity of our stucco wall system over time. Responsibly produced and energy-efficient, Mega Lath is a smart choice for green homes like River Vine.”

Tony Sarich
Co-founder, AMS/Gen7 Schools

For more information, visit the Structa Wire Products page.